Aubrie Salzman

Beana Rogers

Heather Dalnoot

Summer McPherson
Director at WLD

Joe Burton
Marketing Manager

Jess Finster

Ezequiel Pagan

Pete Gonzales

Aubrie has been studying dance since the age of 4 and is proficient in over 15 styles, including concert, ballroom, and other social dances. While salsa is her favorite, she also loves modern, blues, and Argentine tango. A double major at Winthrop University in Dance Performance and Human Nutrition, she is extremely excited to begin her salsa career with CLD.

Anyone who knows Heather knows how much she loves to dance. Heather traveled to Costa Rica on a study abroad and fell in love with latin culture, latin music, and especially the latin dances she saw there. She grew up playing sports and played division I college soccer, but made it her goal to make dancing a major part of her life. Ever since she stepped on the dance floor in 2003, she was hooked. Heather loves to travel every chance she gets and is the Co-owner of Charlotte Latin Dance.

Summer began her journey of dance in 2001 when she was introduced to Swing. Having enjoyed it so much she was anxious to know more. After going out one night to a latin dance club she was hooked! Through the years, Summer has learned many more dances in all genres. In 2005 she began teaching various classes in Latin, Ballroom and Swing in Wilmington, NC. Along with dance, Summer also enjoys drawing, painting and traveling. She has returned to Charlotte after 10 years with her husband and her daughter. She is excited to be back and to join the team at Charlotte Latin Dance.

Joseph "Joe" Burton loves the passion and energy of Latin dance. Almost immediately after becoming a student of CLD, Joe began to advance his own learning by willingly helping others embrace the basics of salsa, merengue, bachata, and cha-cha-cha. Although Joe studied Spanish in college, he finds that Latin dancing is an awesome immersion into the Latin experience. Originally from Michigan but now a resident of Charlotte, Joe owns an IT consulting firm and is married with five children from elementary school to high school. His eldest son is a CLD student and member of the Charlotte Latin Dance Student Performance Team and loves Salsa as well! Even with his busy schedule, he has experienced the "salsa scene" in several cities and thinks that Charlotte is on fire! Aye candela!

Jess is a native of Charlotte and is as passionate about living her life as she is passionate about dance.

Pete was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where has been part of the Salsa scene since he was old enough to get into the clubs. Being of Puerto Rican decent he grew up listening to the legends like Hector Lavoe, Eddie Palmeri and Joe Arroyo. When he finally moved to Charlotte in 97 he found that there was not much of a Salsa scene. That all changed when he found Charlotte Latin Dance. He started taking lessons with us and eventually became part of the CLD family. As our DJ, he not only gets you to express your love of the dance but makes you feel his passion for the music. There is no sitting down when he is in the set. Everyone to the dance floor!

Ezequiel fell in love with dancing in Charlotte when he started taking Latin dance lessons at Charlotte Latin Dance. Born in Puerto Rico, he's no stranger to salsa; he grew up listening to it and played in a Latin band with his father at a young age. He is excited to share his love for salsa through teaching with CLD.